AI for Genealogy

Before you start, some caveats.


See eg. the AMY JOHNSON CROW post: Using ChatGPT for Genealogy — Accurately or Lisa Cooke: SHOCKING RESULTS! Should you use AI Chatbots for Genealogy?


The situation is very dynamic and volatile. The technologies are developing very quickly.

What may be true today might not apply tomorrow.

If you want to give it a try anyway:

Use Microsoft Edge Browser

ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for genealogical research in several ways:


1. Information Retrieval: ChatGPT can assist in finding and summarizing information from online genealogical databases, forums, and resources. You can ask it to look up specific names, dates, or locations, and it can provide you with relevant information.


2. Record Interpretation: If you have scanned copies of old records (like census records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.), you can use ChatGPT to help interpret handwriting or decipher difficult-to-read text. Describe the document or provide an excerpt, and ask for assistance.


3. Organization and Documentation: You can use ChatGPT to help organize and document your research findings. It can generate summaries or help you draft entries for family trees, timelines, and biographies.


4. Historical Context: ChatGPT can provide historical context about specific time periods, regions, or events. This can help you understand the circumstances and challenges your ancestors might have faced.


5. Language Translation: If your research involves documents in different languages, ChatGPT can help with translation, allowing you to understand records written in languages you may not be familiar with.


6. Suggesting Research Strategies: You can ask ChatGPT for suggestions on how to approach a specific research problem, including which records to look for, where to find them, and what sources might be most valuable.


7. DNA Analysis Interpretation: If you've conducted DNA testing for genealogical purposes, ChatGPT can help interpret the results, explaining relationships, ethnicity estimates, and providing insights into genetic genealogy.


8. Ancestor Stories: You can ask ChatGPT to generate fictional stories or narratives based on the information you provide about your ancestors. This can be a fun way to engage with your family history.


Remember, while ChatGPT can be a helpful tool, it's not a replacement for rigorous genealogical research. Always verify important information using primary sources, and consult with professional genealogists when needed. Additionally, be mindful of privacy and ethical considerations when sharing or using sensitive information about living or recently deceased individuals.