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The purpose of the former  EastEuropeGenWeb (part of the WorldGenWeb Project) was to provide guidance and advice to researchers who are trying to trace their ancestors in that particular region.  



We suggest you begin your search by exploring the Country Websites.  


For organizational reasons the WGW project was formerly divided Europe into:

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If you would like to volunteer for one of the countries that needs a coordinator or if you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact us.


*) Czech Republic available for adoption. 

Country  Coordinator
Albania Host Needed
Austria Charles Wardell
Belarus Host Needed
Bosnia-Herzegovina Host Needed
Bulgaria Host Needed
Croatia Host Needed
Czech Republic Ken Sajdak *)
Estonia Host Needed
Finland Host Needed
Hungary Host Needed
Macedonia Host Needed
Moldova Host Needed
Montenegro Host Needed
Romania Host Needed
Russia Aleksandra Cruz
Serbia Host Needed
Slovak Republic Ken Sajdak
Slovenia Gary L. Gorsha
Ukraine Michelle Chubenko
Yugoslavia Historic Areas



The map of today's Europe is courtesy of Joan Asche as used on her page:


With many thanks to Colleen Clements who was coordinator of the EastEuropeGenWeb (2007 - 2014).

Prior to that Charles Wardell had been coordinator of the EastEuropeGenWeb (1997 - 2008).

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